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Maintenance of Wakefulness Test (MWT) Used in the assessment in the ability to remain awake; Subjects are instructed to remain awake in a darkened room in a semi-reclined position
Mandatory Breath A breath whose inspiratory flow and/or pressure is under the control of the ventilator
Manual Breath A breath initiated by the patient
Mean Airway Pressure (MAP) The average pressure over one inspiration/exhalation cycle; the value displayed on a ventilator is the average of this calculation over one minute; The display is updated after each exhalation
Microsleep(s) A period lasting up to a few seconds during which the polysomnogram suddenly shifts from waking characteristics to sleep and external stimuli are not perceived; Associated with excessive daytime sleepiness and automatic behavior
Minute Ventilation (VE) The volume of gas that moves in and out of the lungs in one minute; It is calculated by multiplying the exhaled tidal volume by the respiratory rate
Mixed Apnea Typically a central apnea followed by an obstructive apnea
Montage The particular arrangement by which a number of derivations are displayed simultaneously in a polysomnogram
Multiple Sleep Latency Test (MSLT) Test that consists of a series of short naps during the daytime, done in the sleep lab, to measure daytime sleepiness and how fast you fall asleep; Usually given to assist in diagnosing or ruling out the possibility of Narcolepsy
Muscle Tone A term sometimes used for resting muscle potential or resting muscle activity
Myocolnus Muscle contractions in the form of abrupt jerks or twitches generally lasting less than 100msec.

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