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I:E Ratio The ratio of inspiratory to expiratory time during mechanical ventilation
Inhaler A device for administering medicines by inhalation
Insomnia Inability to sleep at all, or sleeping for only a few hours (and being unable to go back to sleep after arousing in the middle of the night); Commonly used to indicate any and all gradations and types of sleep loss
Inspiratory Pause Inspiratory pause is a brief pause (0.1 to 2 seconds) at end-inspiration during which pressure is held constant and flow is zero; The purpose of the pause is to improve gas distribution throughout the lungs; Same as plateau pressure
Inspiratory Phase The part of the ventilatory cycle from the beginning of the inspiratory flow to the beginning of the expiratory flow; Any inspiratory pause (plateau) is included in the inspiratory phase
Inspiratory Positive Airway Pressure (IPAP) The higher pressure used in BiPAP; Helps to assist ventilation
Inspiratory Time The inspiratory time (expressed in seconds) is the duration of inspiration during mechanical ventilation; As inspiratory time increases, mean airway pressure increases and the I:E ratio becomes higher
Intermittent Mandatory Ventilation (IMV) Periodic ventilation with positive pressure, with the patient breathing spontaneously between breaths
Intubation The insertion of a tube into the patient's airway to allow mechanical ventilation
Invasive Procedure in which the body cavity is entered by use of a tube, needle or device